Thursday, June 02, 2011

Five Buks, Pleas!

Typically, our ridiculous comments come from Naomi. Last night, however, Tate "took the cake." Earlier yesterday, Tate asked me to buy him some new little lego sets. My answer was, "You can save up your own money and buy them." (These are the $5 ones we're talking about) I was sort of frustrated with Tate yesterday because his room literally looked like a tornado hit, and instead of cleaning it up, he was happily playing in the midst of the disaster zone.

Later on, as Dallas and I were getting ready for bed, I noticed these two curious notes on display atop our bed.
Notice the carefully "decorated" (torn) left page.
It says, "Mom and Dad."

The page on the right is the point of interest.

Can't make out what it says?

It says, "I love you Mom and Dad give me 5 buks pleas."

You heard him correctly. He wanted 5 buks. Oh, and he loves us. (Surely an aside from the main point of his note)

Creative, huh?!

Well, this morning, I go down into the kitchen. Dallas had left a note for Tate...AND...FIVE BUKS!! I mean, BUCKS! WHAT?! Tate was obviously pleased with the outcome. He said, "What's this?!" My answer? "Ask and you shall receive, my son." (I guess) I can just see the note when he's sixteen:

"Mom and Dad, I love you. Gimme a kar, pleas."

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Millicent said...

HA HA HA!!! Love it!!!!!