Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tate's first teeball practice!

He hit it into the outfield every time!

He hustled to the ball!

Watch out Waynesboro Little League! The Reds are looking good this season!

A little walk at Jamestown

Spring in Williamsburg

Our Little Patriots hittin' the town!

Tate and Naomi paying homage to their ancestry.

Consequently, Tate was shooting at every British flag he saw all day long...

...which was many a British flag.

Tate was guarding the steps to the oldest college in America,

The College of William and Mary.

What a lady! Tate taking aim at yet another British flag.

Colonial Williamsburg

Naomi stopped for some rest for her weary legs.

Tate also enjoyed the tree chair.

We walked across a highway, and were timewarped back to early America! The next generation Aggie, right here! Whoop!

Great Wolf Waterpark pics

A pic of the indoor waterpark at the Great Wolf Lodge. If you look, you can see a huge bucket at just over the red roof. The bucket fills with water and then dumps it out every five minutes or so. Tate loved that part!

Tate's in the blue and white striped shorts.

Tate's waiting for the bucket. The lazy river.

Water fun at the Great Wolf Lodge

Tate board surfing at the Great Wolf Lodge

Naomi's first waterslide

It was hard to catch this action shot, but you can tell from Naomi's face that she LOVED it!

She squealed and screamed all the way down the tube rides!

The Tornado!

Two inches too short, but Tate manned up and went down the Tornado with Daddy.

Tate said this was his favorite ride, but became very nervous when he thought he'd have to go again!

Tate was off the raft before I could even get the picture!

A relieved, and excited Tate just had the scariest adventure of his life!

Great Wolf Lodge Adventure!

Our MUCH anticipated Great Wolf Lodge trip FINALLY arrived!

The kids had their very own cabin!

Melting Pot Night!

We went to The Melting Pot for the first time right after the circus!

The next picture is destined to make your mouth water!

Here's to Fondue! Naomi and Mommy waiting for our cheese to warm up!

Little kids at a three ring circus