Thursday, February 15, 2007

Naomi turns ONE!!!

She's one now and running like crazy trying to keep up with big brother, "Tayta." Her other hobby is opening up the dishwasher and climbing in. She loves helping mommy with the dishes, "Dish." She also loves, "Fish," but we think that's just because it rhymes with, "Dish." She loved her birthday cake this year and totally dug in!

Then came her sugar rush...

Then she threw her cake on the floor. Mommy thought she was thinking ahead by putting the plastic bag on the ground, but slightly underestimated Naomi's "cake radius." The good news is that there was a whole other cake for everyone!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Christmas Tree Farm

The boys and Molly at the Christmas tree farm.

Naomi and mommy smile for the camera at the Christmas tree farm this year. We picked out our own tree and took it home!

"HERE I AM IN MY NEW ROOM BY MY CHRISTMAS TREE!!!" For all you hounders! Mommy has been very busy painting and daddy just started his Masters' degree and is monopolizing the time on the computer! Atleast, that's mommy's excuse...but you all know that you would have been waiting this long for an update regardless. I'm ONE and SASSY now!