Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"HERE I AM IN MY NEW ROOM BY MY CHRISTMAS TREE!!!" For all you hounders! Mommy has been very busy painting and daddy just started his Masters' degree and is monopolizing the time on the computer! Atleast, that's mommy's excuse...but you all know that you would have been waiting this long for an update regardless. I'm ONE and SASSY now!


Lydia Kent Welch said...

I can't believe my eyes, naomi! Your mom finally lifted the ban on the blog. Praise the Lord. You're back. Please post again before 2008. Love ya,
p.s. loooove the sass

The Gambles said...

Yay...we are glad you haven't fallen off the face of the blog world...we only hound you cause we love ya :) Beautiful tree and girl by the way!!! Tate is growing SOOO much...we miss ya all!

Club Beyond said...

Great pic! So cute.