Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas tree cutting 2009

Mowry/Hills/Runkles Kids!

Isaiah, Micah, Ethan, Tate, Eli, Tabitha, Naomi and Jesse together again!

Tate in the Waynesboro Christmas Parade!

Friends and Family visit Darby

Kristin Taylor came by to meet Darby!

David Eigenbrode and Leann Sebald came by, too! Of course, Grandma Hills came up to help us! Darby

Darby's one week photo shoot!

Darby's first bath!


Goofy kids

Halloween 2009

Naomi with her preschool friends, Cayley and Karissa

Naomi as Cinderella with Batman-I mean, Tate.

Halloween 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Naomi's first day of preschool!

Naomi tries out the four man seesaw before school!

Naomi with her mermaid bucket! Look at this big girl, going to school for the first time!

Tate's first day of FIRST GRADE!

Tate's in first grade now!

We're old pros now, so we just pin a bus to his shirt and send him to school!
All the kids of Spring Run at the bus stop the first day!

Tate's 6th birthday party!

We celebrated this year at Cluggy's (which, both the kids called Clubby's) We had a blast in the batting cages and playing mini golf! A pretty easy party for mom after our big trip to Disney!
Tate, Nathan, and Jake wait their turn in the cages!

(Don't they just look like they're about to destroy the ball?)
Tate did really well in the cages!
Tate and Devin playing minigolf

Tate's first soccer game-Fall 09

Tate's ices down the other team.
"You will never take...OUR FREEDOM!"-Braveheart

(Too bad he's in a soccer uniform and not a kilt!) Team Firestorm! With Coach Tracy and Coach Gabe
Devin, Tate and Emily walked away from that game victorious!

Tate scored 3 goals!

The Magic Kingdom-Disney World

Dallas, Tate and Naomi on Splash Mountain-in the back row.

Daddy takes the kids on the infamous Dumbo ride!
A dream comes true: Mermaid meets Mermaid.

Tinkerbell watches the fireworks from Daddy's shoulders.
Two exhausted kids after a magical night at Disney World!