Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Red Flash

We call him "The Red Flash." It's hard to catch him standing still. He is on a mission...on the move...on the go...

"The Red Flash" sits for a moment in time...

Ooooh! The elusive Red Flash stops again for the camera!

Bask in the moment...The Red Flash stops for no one!

A day in the life of Naomi

I'm playful...

...and silly...

I'm Naomi!

We'll stick it to ya!

Tate came upstairs with a face full of stickers one day. After I'd interrogated him.......Daddy came upstairs.

Naomi's allergic reaction

Naomi had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin and augmentin a couple of weeks ago. This picture was taken the day after we took her off of the medicine. She looked 100% better when we took this picture believe it or not. She was completely miserable, but the next day was completely clear.

Our little Cowgirl