Monday, December 17, 2007

Naomi is TWO!

Naomi thinks hard about her wish...

Although it looks like Mommy needs to take a cake decorating class, we thought the inside of the cake looked very pretty!

Duck Pin Bowling

For those of you who don't know what duck pin bowling is, it's like regular bowling, only you have a ball about the size of a softball, and miniature pins. You get three bowls in a turn because it takes more skill than regular bowling!

Tate and Naomi had their own lane. Tate bowled about 40 frames.

Grammy, Gramps, Uncle Josh, Abby, Mom and Dad had the other lane and bowled one game.

Tornado in Waynesboro!

Earlier this month, a tornado his Waynesboro! Fortunately for Waynesboro, the eye of the storm came straight down on Naomi's room and left. Naomi, smart as she is, curled up in the stink bug position until it passed.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hit me with your best shot!

Okay, so our friend is a photographer...So I set up an appointment to have our family portrait made at this old home that is now a working museum in our new hometown. We go through the whole "coordinating outfits" routine. Ironing, my friend made Naomi's bow, etc. My friend took an ENTIRE ROLL of film that afternoon. Naomi was smiling in one. Unfortunately, the one she was smiling in, Dallas was blinking in, so my friend had to cut Dallas' head off of another photo and piece it on the photo where she's smiling. THAT pic is on my friends' computer, but this is what I do have. Naomi obviously is abiding by the old standards where people did not smile, but instead looked very solemn. So, the point is that she's almost two, and I still don't have a professional picture of her smiling. Enjoy!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Kids at Play!

Tate's Renfrew Science Trip!

Mommy and Naomi came along on one of Tate's field trips to a local museum called Renfrew! They learned how to explore the outdoors scientifically! They saw all sorts of fall colors too!

Tate's field trips!

Tate was inspired at the fire department!

Hopefully this is the only time I have to bail Tate out of jail!!!

Naomi summer 2007

We could finally fit some piggy tails in Naomi's hair in August!

The kids had fun playing in the fort in the family room last summer!

We were able to have some fun at Hershey Park over Labor Day weekend! We also went to New York City and saw Lion King on Broadway!

Tate is FOUR!

Tate's first day of preschool! He is now in preschool 4 days a week at Trinity School in Waynesboro! Mrs. Beck asked that we decorate a bucket to take to and from school rather than a backpack. So, Tate painted his bucket and it turned out beautifully, as you can see! The kids were also asked to bring their favorite bear the first week to transition into school. He named his bear "Naomi."

Halloween 2007

We had a great time Trick-or-Treating this year!

Our pretty little bumblebee!

Our local firechief! Tate wanted to be a firefighter after recently visiting the firestation on a preschool field trip!

Tate and Naomi both designed their pumpkins this year. I carved Tate's face out for him after he drew it on!

After Trick-or-Treating, the kids pigged out on the front porch while waiting for more kids!

The Daylily Festival

July 2007

We joined Grammy and Gramps at the Virginia Daylily and Wine Festival! We marveled at the prices of some of the daylilys! They went for over $100 for one plant!