Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hit me with your best shot!

Okay, so our friend is a photographer...So I set up an appointment to have our family portrait made at this old home that is now a working museum in our new hometown. We go through the whole "coordinating outfits" routine. Ironing, my friend made Naomi's bow, etc. My friend took an ENTIRE ROLL of film that afternoon. Naomi was smiling in one. Unfortunately, the one she was smiling in, Dallas was blinking in, so my friend had to cut Dallas' head off of another photo and piece it on the photo where she's smiling. THAT pic is on my friends' computer, but this is what I do have. Naomi obviously is abiding by the old standards where people did not smile, but instead looked very solemn. So, the point is that she's almost two, and I still don't have a professional picture of her smiling. Enjoy!


Lydia Kent Welch said...

Not only do Naomi and I have the exact same haircut, but we also have the exact same Christmas dress. I knew our friendship was solid.

chicolovesmariah said...

We're so glad to see the new pics! They are absolutely adorable! Tell Tate the playoffs are comming up. Sebi wants me to tell Tate thanks for the info. He was just calling him T-Money until Tate told him it was Teddy Wuxpin. Sebi could use an older pal to hook him up with the details. Oh, and my Spanish es muy bien, thank you very much.