THE EXODUS-from Exodus Chapter 13

The Israelites had been in captivity for 430 years and were being harshly mistreated by the Egyptians and used as slaves.  The Israelites, if you didn't know, were God's people, the decendants of the modern day Jew.  I think about how we all, at one point in time or another in life, have to wait-just like the Israelites were waiting to be released from slavery.  We wait, pray, waste time, money, God's resources, and when He finally says, "GO!  GO, NOW!" we have no time, money OR resources!  See, when God finally released His people from captivity, they had to RUN-not walk-RUN from their former captives!  He's still in this today!  He says, "GO! GO, NOW!" and we should STILL RUN!  Because His timing is perfect, we need to say, "YES I WILL GO...AND NOW!!!"" when He says, "GO!"  We can sit back and wonder, "Where will the money come from?  How can we do that, I'm only one person? What about my family's opinion?  How will this affect my children?" etc, etc. Did you know that God prepared His people for this Exodus before they knew of this plan?  He had them make bread.  He had them plunder the Egyptians and He gave them favor with them!  I'm not suggesting that if God's calling you to something big that you go rob your neighbors, but more to TRUST that HE will provide the resources for what He calls you to!  Time?  He's the AUTHOR of time!  Money?  It's a drop in the bucket to the inventor of LIFE!  And, so, these Israelites consecrated their firstborn...and RAN LIKE MAD! 

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