A Little Laughter

You know...those funny things kids say!

Naomi: "Mommy?  What do we need throats for?"  (4/20/11-while I was doing her hair)

Naomi: "WOW!  I look SO CUTE!!!" (5/18/11-while looking in the mirror)

Naomi: "Who's that guy up there?" (5/19/11-After hearing her future principal speak on the intercom system at Kindergarten Orientation.) My reply(as I was standing next to my friend, and the principal's wife): "'That guy,' is your principal, Mr. Taylor." Much laughter.  Much laughter.  I could see the wheels turning in Naomi's little head, however...hmm...I wonder what a "principal" is...

Me: "You know, Tate, Ethiopia has the best coffee in THE WORLD?!"
Tate: "I thought that was Starbucks." (6/23/11)

Naomi: "Pink is a great color.  I don't know why boys don't like it."  (8/7/11)

Darby: "Mommy!  I-wanna-cookie."
Me: "No."
Darby: "I-NEED-a cookie." (9/7/11)

Naomi: "Mommy!  I CAN'T LOSE!  I HATE losing!!!"  (9/9/11-thinking about her upcoming soccer game)

Darby: "I'll be back in a minute..." (12/11/11-walking into a closet with a razor)
Me:  "Yeah...don't think so."

Me: "Give me purple, or give me DEATH!"  (while adding purple food coloring to cupcake frosting)
Naomi:  "NO!  Not death!"  (big, dramatic pause)  "Wait....what's death?"
Me:  "It's where you go to be with Jesus."
Naomi:  "NO!  Don't give her death!  Just give her purple!"  (12/16/11)

Darby:  (Screaming, crying and demanding at Naomi's Tea Party)
Tate: "So much for Silent Nights!"  (12/17/11)