Monday, August 03, 2009

Fourth of July-09

Tate and Naomi prepare for our little fireworks display.

Tate and Naomi ride the ponies at our town's 4th of July celebration.

Our little Patriots celebrating our country at our town's 4th of July parade!

Tate's last baseball game of the season-2009

Daddy coaching Tate at bat.

Tate makes another great hit while Naomi and her friend, Addy, cheer the big brothers on!

Mini Golfing in the sky-Myrtle Beach

Barefoot Landing-Myrtle Beach

Ripley's Aquarium-Myrtle Beach

Boardwalk on Broadway-Myrtle Beach

Tate and Naomi enjoyed running in to each other on these big animals!

The kids had some close encounters with Dinos!

Tate fearlessly climbed these palm trees in about 30 seconds flat!

Tate had this duck eating out of his hand!

Naomi called this place the volcano place because the volcano in the background "erupted" these huge balls of fire every couple of minutes!

Tate catches a wave!

Myrtle Beach 2009

Grammy took us to Myrtle beach this June and we had a BLAST body boarding, making sandcastles and burying ourselves!

Under the Sea Performance

Our Little Mermaid's Debut!

Daddy gave Naomi some roses and a dancing bear! Grammy and Gramps came up to see Naomi dance!

Grandma and Grandpa Hills were even in town!

The girls love Miss Melissa!
Naomi's friends from dance class!

Naomi's first time wearing stage makeup!