Thursday, November 02, 2006

Our First Costume Party!

In the costume contest, Tate won "Best Sounds Effects" for his piratey rendition of "Aaargh!" And Naomi won "Prettiest Costume," although, as evidenced in the picture, our little love bug did not at all enjoy the contest.

Moon Bounce

We went down to Winchester, Virginia to visit our friends, the Trumans, who recently moved down there. We visited a pumpkin patch where Tate and Aiden played in the four moon bounces for two and a half HOURS! We had some tired boys after that!

A boy, some rocks, and water

What's water without rocks to throw? What are rocks, except things to hurl at the water? And what is a perfect, comfortable, sunny day without a boy to throw rocks?

Tate and TJ

A recent trip to Washington DC, We stopped by the Thomas Jefferson Memorial where Tate had a great time playing on the white marble surroundings! Looking over the water, Tate spots some paddle boats...

Tate spots the Washington Monument...
What a beautiful October day in DC!
Our little blue-eyed girl...
Attacks the paparazzi...
And finally wins the battle!

The Hills House

Our new house is well under way, and here we are in our Morning Room!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bathing Beauties

Lydia Welch and Naomi took a bath on a recent trip to North Carolina to visit Elizabeth and Lydia while Stewart was deployed.

To North Carolina!

Kelly and the kids recently went to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to visit their dear friends Elizabeth and Lydia while Stewart was deployed to the Middle East. Elizabeth came back to the East Coast from California where they're stationed. Kelly got the great idea to go down there for a few days to "help" Elizabeth while her parents went out of town. We had a great time amidst the teething and ear infections, not to mention putting Tate down to bed on average 8 times a night that we were there. While we were there, Elizabeth showed us the famed Reynolda gardens in all their splendor and glory! We all loved Winston-Salem and would LOVE to go back with Daddy sometime! Tate stopped to smell the roses, although you didn't have to could literally smell the fragrance from yards away! It was an olfactory dreamland!

Sweet sleeping baby...

Our Bible Study

Cookie Monster

Naomi's first chocolate chip cookie:


TATE IS 3!!!

We celebrated Tate's 3rd birthday with friends and family at Baker Park in Frederick. Tate wanted a Ball Birthday, of course, so we celebrated with a Baseball Pinata and cake. We fed the ducks and blew bubbles! At the end of the day, Tate had a GREAT birthday. When I tucked him in that night, he looked completely and totally was a great day!

The Blue Man Tate

Everyone meet the newest member of the Blue Man Group! Tate Hills! Actually, we were walking in Michaels and he saw a bin full of wooden crosses. He wanted one so we bought one and painted it. Several months later he asked to paint it again, so this time he decided on blue. This was a great craft project for all you moms out there! You can reuse the same wooden "thing" each time and add different colors for a whole new look!

Smile! Sweet Potatoes!

Naomi+Sweet Potatoes=FUN!

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! Tate had his first experience with sparklers this year! We had a great time playing croquet with friends and Tate and Naomi loved the fireworks!

The Hills Fam

The Hills family in June

Remember to vote!

Naomi wanted me to extend a friendly reminder to friends and family to make the "right" choice in this year's election!
We're getting her started early...what can I say?

Our new house

We decided to build a house back in June and it will be finished sometime in November. Dallas will still be at the same job with the same commute. Here is a model of the home we're building in Pennsylvania. We've visited several model homes, and most of them have pool tables in the basement. Now Tate believes that our house is coming with a pool table. He's in for a big disappointment!

Our sweet little Naomi!

Go carts with dad

Dad helped Mr. Jonathan get his go-cart started one morning before we went down to DC for the kite festival in May. Then, Dad took Tate for a spin! Guessing from the look on Tate's face, he didn't exactly enjoy the lightning speed ride dad took him on. As soon as they returned he asked to "Get down."

Easter Eggs!

Tate had his first Easter egg hunt this year! He had tons of fun finding the eggs, quickly figured out there was candy in them, and talked about going on more hunts for weeks!

Happy Easter!

Tate and Naomi on Easter morning. What a beautiful morning we had and look how green Dallas's lawn is! Amazingly enough, none of us came away from this great struggle with a single grass stain!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lydia, you're stressing me out with all the pressure for my mommy to blog my every waking moment!!! Big brother had to quiet me down because my mommy was too busy trying to keep up with your demands!