About Us

Dallas and Kelly are first and foremost, followers of Jesus.  We try to live out a life that reflects His presence (TRY) being the main word there!  In our header, you'll notice the Ethiopian Proverb, "Great Kings have big hearts."  The Ethiopians got THAT right!  I saw that proverb painted on the wall at Animal Kingdom Resort at Disney World a couple of years ago and immediately thought of Jesus.  Jesus has the biggest heart I know, and I'm only hoping that MY heart is being made into a heart like His!  Bigger...more loving, more kind, more compassionate, more giving...What I'm hoping is that my heart will be so overflowing with love for Jesus that people can't see me without seeing Him!  The Ethiopians are right.  Great Kings DO have BIG HEARTS! 

That brings us to TATE!  I used to call him "The Red Flash," and if you peruse through the archives back far enough, you might understand why.  He was all energy as a toddler!  Now, the big man of 7 years, is a soccer star, basketball star, great reader, a mean "gamer" (much to my demise), and has a heart of gold!! 

NAOMI is a character, dressed in a sweet girl facade.  Oh, she's sweet!  Don't get me wrong, but it's not uncharacteristic for her to get ready for preschool, look in the mirror (obviously liking what she sees) and say, "Everyone will think I'm fashion!"  Oh, dear!  Much of the hilarity in my life comes from her.

And THEN there's DARBY!  My second redhead!  She's completely lively!  (It's the red hair!  Trust me!  If you have one, you "KNOW" what I mean!)  The girl is a whopping 17 months and can JUMP!  She's a wiggly, happy, jumping little thing who can't-scratch that-WON'T sit still.  She knows what she wants, and nobody, NOBODY is stopping her 'til she gets it! 

God has recently called us to adopt from Ethiopia, and we're THRILLED!  For more on our call and our adoption process, please click on "OUR ETHIOPIAN ADOPTION."

We're looking forward to the plans He has for us!