Thursday, November 02, 2006

Our First Costume Party!

In the costume contest, Tate won "Best Sounds Effects" for his piratey rendition of "Aaargh!" And Naomi won "Prettiest Costume," although, as evidenced in the picture, our little love bug did not at all enjoy the contest.

Moon Bounce

We went down to Winchester, Virginia to visit our friends, the Trumans, who recently moved down there. We visited a pumpkin patch where Tate and Aiden played in the four moon bounces for two and a half HOURS! We had some tired boys after that!

A boy, some rocks, and water

What's water without rocks to throw? What are rocks, except things to hurl at the water? And what is a perfect, comfortable, sunny day without a boy to throw rocks?

Tate and TJ

A recent trip to Washington DC, We stopped by the Thomas Jefferson Memorial where Tate had a great time playing on the white marble surroundings! Looking over the water, Tate spots some paddle boats...

Tate spots the Washington Monument...
What a beautiful October day in DC!
Our little blue-eyed girl...
Attacks the paparazzi...
And finally wins the battle!

The Hills House

Our new house is well under way, and here we are in our Morning Room!