Thursday, November 02, 2006

Our First Costume Party!

In the costume contest, Tate won "Best Sounds Effects" for his piratey rendition of "Aaargh!" And Naomi won "Prettiest Costume," although, as evidenced in the picture, our little love bug did not at all enjoy the contest.


The Janek's said...

Halloween cracks me up! Love the costumes. Tate and Naomi look adorable!!!!!

The Gambles said...

priceless...I can't believe how time flies...they are too cute!

Lydia Kent Welch said...

Nice costumes. Did you wear them for Christmas too? We wouldn't know since you don't update your blog. Heckle, heckle.
Much love,
Lyds and the fam

The Gambles said...

We agree with the Welchs...where is the love and pictures???? LOL!