Monday, August 13, 2012

Naomi's future husband

Last night, Naomi walked up to me with a pencil and piece of paper.
Me:  "What's this all about, Naomi?"
Naomi: "I think we should make a list of things that my husband will need to be like."
Me:  "Sounds good!"

So, she got to thinking.  I have to say, I made a few suggestions, but she only included what was really important to her.  Here goes:

1~He must love God.
2~He must be kind.
3~He must be nice.
4~He has to be nice to our children.
5~He has to love, respect, and serve Naomi well (that was one of mine)
6~He should be serious and have deep conversations (that was mine, too, but she emphatically agreed...the girl likes to talk)
7~He should be funny and know how to make little things in life fun (mine, too, but who doesn't like to have fun?)
8~He should be very handsome.
9~He should give her presents and take her out on dates.
10~He should give Naomi and the kids hugs and kisses.
11~He should work so Naomi can stay home with the kids.
12~Naomi would like a house that is pretty neat.
13~She would like a minivan.
14~Naomi would like triplets (2 girls, 1 boy)...she even described their rooms (that I would paint).
15~She would like her husband to lift weights and run.
16~He should be able to fix the car, mow the lawn, and she wants to rotate who take the trash out.
17~She wants to live on a lake where she can paddleboat.
18~She would also like a big boat that fits the whole family.  One where they can take lunch out on the lake to eat.
19~He should be musical.
20~He should like to travel and cook.

We will be taking applications from now until December 13th of 2032. 
Only Supermen need apply.