Thursday, September 07, 2006

To North Carolina!

Kelly and the kids recently went to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to visit their dear friends Elizabeth and Lydia while Stewart was deployed to the Middle East. Elizabeth came back to the East Coast from California where they're stationed. Kelly got the great idea to go down there for a few days to "help" Elizabeth while her parents went out of town. We had a great time amidst the teething and ear infections, not to mention putting Tate down to bed on average 8 times a night that we were there. While we were there, Elizabeth showed us the famed Reynolda gardens in all their splendor and glory! We all loved Winston-Salem and would LOVE to go back with Daddy sometime! Tate stopped to smell the roses, although you didn't have to could literally smell the fragrance from yards away! It was an olfactory dreamland!

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