Thursday, June 09, 2011

Toms Eyewear

When Naomi was two, our pediatrician asked me if I had noticed her eye turning in. Nope. I had not, but three months later, I slowly noticed that her eye WAS turning in. I called our beloved pediatrician, and the next week we were in with the pediatric opthamologist who gave me news that I was not ready to hear. Our beautiful Naomi needed glasses. On top of that, we were to patch her weak eye all day. The superficial me came out, and I was a mess. After we got her glasses, I realized that she couldn't see a darn thing without them! Her personality came out! She could see her little world, and that was all I needed! We threw the first pair out in favor of a much more fashionable pair with aspheric lenses (the kind that lessens the "coke bottle effect").

About a year later, we were told that the patching DID work! Whew! But, she would need surgery on BOTH eyes to correct the vision in the one. REWIND, please, doc! Did you say you're going to perform SURGERY...on my BABY'S EYES?! Once again, I was a wreck. The day of the surgery was the worst day of my life. The next day? If it hadn't been for the bloodshot eyes, I would have NEVER KNOWN the kid had just had surgery! A miracle! Her eyes were straight! She would not lose her vision. SO very simple! GLASSES+PATCHING+SURGERY, and my daughter will NEVER BE BLIND. Without those somewhat simple and commonplace procedures done DAILY in America, my daughter would be going blind today.

Almost four years later, we had our little redhead, Darby! About 9 months later, I noticed HER eyes turning in. NOT AGAIN! I CAN'T HANDLE THIS, LORD! NOT AGAIN! (But I could, I can, and I do) Darby's vision is significantly worse than Naomi's. In fact, Darby's prescription is almost twice as strong as Naomi's. But, again, we found the cutest glasses possible for the cutest little redhead pixie we know, and she works them! We have not had to patch, and so far, the glasses seem to be doing the trick.

Fortunately for my girlie girls, we go back to the opthamologist in the next week for a routine checkup. Hear me---ROUTINE. This sort of eyecare is ROUTINE in our country, while BOTH of my girls would be going blind in almost any other country on earth.

Enter TOMS SHOES...again! I love TOMS shoes! Aside from being SO comfy...they give ONE PAIR OF SHOES AWAY with EVERY SINGLE PAIR PURCHASED! I cannot speak highly enough of them. I respect their business model immensely. And still...I am speechless at their newest product. Sunglasses. I'm choking up here because BOTH my girls would be going blind if it weren't for proper vision care. A COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE ISSUE IN AMERICA! Not so in the third world! Due to lack of proper vision care, MOST PEOPLE WITH THE SAME VISION PROBLEMS MY GIRLS HAVE WILL GO BLIND. Not MY girls, though. We HAVE while others do NOT.

SO simple. SO important! Jesus found value in healing the blind! WHY WOULDN'T WE?!! FINALLY! A voice has come for the voiceless! Thank you, TOMS! THANK YOU!!!

Please take 1 minute 30 seconds to watch the video of how TOMS is taking action on this issue HERE.

I can't wait to get my first pair of TOMS sunglasses! That means, for one mommy across the world, her little girl will not go blind, either!

I promise I am not a spokesperson for TOMS SHOES. Just a big, BIG fan! :) And, I wanted to let you in on what ONE COMPANY is doing for the world!

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