Monday, June 27, 2011

The NATE Chronicles-Day 1

Our friends asked us to watch their 8 month old while they're away at Young Life camp for the week, which we were HAPPY to say "YES" to! We have three kids-well, four for the week. !)

TODAY-DAY 1 of the NATE Chronicles

So far, Darby seems to LOVE Nate:

Naomi even loves Nate. She tried to carry him, but dropped him on his face and gave him a fat lip. (Despite our MANY attempts to get Naomi to stop picking people up, we still cannot seem to suceed) Nate cried, but took it like a man. Darby, being the empathetic one she is, cried, too.

One can only be so empathetic, though. At some point, he needs to just get over it, right? And, off she crawled. (It should be noted that Darby has not crawled in a good 8 months-until Nate's arrival)

It's been 8 hours since Nate arrived. He's a really good baby! But Darby, being the "misplaced" baby now, isn't taking it so well. Hopefully things get better when our out-of-town guests arrive tonight with their three kids!

Stay tuned for...