Thursday, June 30, 2011

The NATE Chronicles-Day 3

Yesterday was DAY THREE, "humpday," if you will-and we made it! :)

I cannot take credit for how well the day went. My sweet friend, Kristin, came to help! This was a definite reprieve! Now I had TWO happy babies because they could BOTH be held ALL DAY-just like they like!

Darby is still getting used to the "sharing" idea. As you can see, she has begun hoarding...

I'm not sure Nate knows how to fend for himself just yet. Instead of going up to Darby and taking his bottle back like the assertive little 10 month old I know is in there somewhere, he came up to me.

I love the look on his face! I KNOW what's going through his mind, too:
"Do you SEE what's HAPPENING, Ms. Kelly?! She's TAKING MY MILK! DO SOMETHING!!!"

Now she's drinking from a bottle again. Great.

Kristin and I went for a walk. It's the first time I've left the house since Monday. I'm totally in hobbit mode right now. Kristin is so sweet! She came and spent two weeks straight helping me with EVERYTHING last summer when I broke my foot and my ankle, and here she is AGAIN bailing me out!!! I love that girl! She has such a servant's heart, and she's going to be a fantastic wife to some lucky guy one day!

And, NO, we did NOT leave Nate at home alone! He's in the backpack! Dallas and I figured out yesterday, that he LOVES it!

And, in case you are expecting and are wondering, "What would be the most important baby item needed?" It's a hiking backpack. For real! This is, absolutely, the most important, most used baby item we own, and we have used the stuffing outta this same backpack for all three kids (and Nate), and it's still in GREAT condition! Oh, and you might need some bottles, too.

Bring on Day 4, Nate! I'm ready, and the backpack is waiting! :)

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