Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday's Word--Postponed-again!

Hey there!
I have bad news.
No Wednesday's Word AT ALL this week.
I can explain...
We got back from the beach Sunday night-and brought all the respective laundry. Doctors appt Monday an hour and a half away. Doctors appt Tuesday 30 minutes away (and the doc was 45-50 minutes behind). Wednesday, we have Bible Study at our house, had to make my "famous" cookies and do some food shopping. Today, I'm leaving with Tate and Naomi to go visit some dear friends. While I'm gone, Dallas will care for Darby and our friend's 8 month old until I get home! (He's the BEST, isn't he?!) We'll get home super late Sunday night, and we have friends coming in to town Monday (so I had to make sure we had sheets, clean towels, and a somewhat presentable guest room before I leave today).
Excuses, Excuses...
Enjoy your weekend!

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