Thursday, June 09, 2011

First Day of SUMMER!

It's our first official day of summer in Southern PA today! Let me let you in on what our day has been like:

~Kids woke up and quietly went downstairs to play by themselves!
~Darby slept in 'til 8!
~I made Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast! (before you beat yourself up thinking I'm some sort of mother-of-the-year...they were Pillsbury out of a can)
~Set up the slip-n-slide for the kids/lathered them up with sunscreen.
~It's officially 10:54am, and they are back in street clothes.

No more swimsuits?
No more slip-n-slide?
I spent 45 minutes inflating that thing, sunscreening everyone up, setting the thing up, staging water bottles and snacks!
Now all we have to show for it is greasy kids, grass in the house and towels to wash! Oh! And, swimsuits draped over the bathtub (if I'm the luckiest mom on the PLANET!)
What the heck?!

So, here's to SUMMER, and rolling out and rolling up slip-n-slides!

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Holly said...

Great Post! It's the lotion part that is my least favorite! Call us... I'll bring my greased-up girls to come slip and slide for 15minutes or so with you (and we'll even take our wet bathing suits and towels home with us)!