Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Victory at York County Prison!!!

I was a cheerleader throughout High School, so I'm used to VICTORIES (but MORE used to defeat). Anyhoo! So, we celebrate victories no matter how small in the Hills household! Today we took a chance. We "Stormed the Gates" as I posted earlier! When I wrote that, however, I didn't realize that the physical location of the Immigration offices was AT YORK COUNTY PRISON...oh the hilarity (is that really a word...I use it all the time)! So, we pull up, and I'm thinking "NO WAY are we in the right place!" Dallas, however, googled this place and goes, "OH! There's the prison...we're close!" WHAT?! That just SOUNDS wrong, ya know? And, REALLY? IMMIGRATION? ON PRISON GROUNDS?! That's SO ironic! Is that a THREAT?! I mean, I'm a US Citizen by BIRTH and I was a little intimidated!

Next, we pull up and had to answer the plethera of questions from our littles:
Mom? What are all those pokey things?
Why is that fence there?
Who lives there?
Answer: Um...people who do bad things (and if you act up today in this office...)

Dallas jumped out ahead of us to sweet talk the lady before we brought our three kids in while I unloaded our bunch. At this point, a lady drove up and asked me if I knew where prisoner pickup was! WHAT?! Um, NO. I do not. I have a very serious question for anyone willing to answer it:

(okay, so that was two questions: Feel free to answer both honestly!)

Remember, our appointment is scheduled for July 6th or 7th, but we went ahead and took a chance, drove the hour+, showed up and asked them to do them today! We just bought ourselves three weeks!

There was a slight snag that could potentially cause a problem. I didn't realize I was supposed to write my SS# on the line marked "ALIEN NUMBER." So, the computer assigned me a number. Can I get ONE PIECE of paperwork done properly?!!! They assured me that it would not cause a problem. We'll see and deal with that if it actually becomes a problem.

Until that time...I'm calling this one a VICTORY!!!

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Erin Runkles said...

Congratulations!! I'm so glad it worked out for you to go early! But now do you need to amend your homestudy to say "spent time at the penitentiary"?