Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For your reading pleasure---My List of Annoyances

We all have these things...things that annoy us. Here's a list of mine:
1) The word "Ginormous." I'm pretty certain that is NOT a word.
2) Burping or Belching or trying to hide a burp or a belch. Disgusting.
3) Spongebob! (check out the cake I had made for our friend's birthday!)

4) People who talk too much-so loudly that you can't have a side conversation.

5) Know-it-alls. If you know it all, simmer down! No one likes know it alls!
6) When people throw trash on my floor. MY HOUSE IS NOT A TRASHCAN!
7) Walmart
8) Unsolicited advice. If I want your opinion, I'll ask! Never you mind!
9) Excuses. I don't need them, just tell me straight up!

and...the final thing that annoys me?

10) Mom? Yes? Mom? Yes? Mommy? Yes? Mommy? YES! Mom? BAAAAAAAAAH! WHAT?!

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