Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday's Word-The View from 30,000

I just got back from my girls' weekend in Texas! Whoop! I traveled by air since I live in PA.

Since we have finished our Young Life ministry, I have been trying to be very intentional in my ministry as I go through life, so I was thinking during my flight as I was "stuck" between my sleeping flight partner and the window:

"How do I use this opportunity in travel to glorify You, God?"

As I was looking out the window at this view:

I became aware of the 120ish people around me...and the 6 billion or so beneath. More importantly, I became acutely aware of the God above...and around me...and beneath me. This God I serve, knows me intimately...knew the people around me intimately, and is intimately involved in the 6 bil. below! I can hardly comprehend! I mean, I couldn't even see through the cloud cover, so I was only aware at that point, of the 120 some-odd folks in the sky with me, but the God who created this view, knows EVERYTHING going on beneath this cloud cover! Even when the clouds parted for the few minutes during my flight:

I still could not even SEE the people below. There's no WAY I could be intimately involved or personally know all those people below. So I prayed...for the opportunity to talk to my sleeping flight partner. Praying that I could leave him with a glimpse of Jesus.

Eventually, he awoke, so I asked him where he was off to. Our conversation led him to tell me about his and his wife's property and how his sweet wife runs a free retreat center in Maryland for Pastors and Ministry Teams! AHA! This whole flight, I assumed he needed ME! (I know, how humble!) I wondered in this conversation what was up with my whole conversation with God about all these people in the sky with me. I realized that striking up conversations with strangers to see where they are in life and who they are not only represents Jesus, but also ministers to people around us (you know, the "snoopers" on the conversations)! When I left the plane, I made a wrong turn and turned around to see this same man talking with the couple who were traveling on the same flight...and sitting directly in front of us. This couple was asking my flight partner about his wife's retreat center! Maybe they needed that retreat! Maybe they would never have heard about it if I hadn't struck this conversation up with the man of God sitting next to me!

He perfectly orchestrated where we were sitting on the plane so that couple in front of us could hear our conversation!

How's THAT for a God that is IN THE DETAILS!
He has the PERFECT view from 30,000 ft!
He intimately knows everyone around you...
...the people in the sky above you...
...and the people on the elevations below you!

Because He is so intimately involved...I will trust Him with the details!

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