Friday, July 22, 2011

The End of the Rope

This week in review:
Tate started Cub Scout day camp. Naomi started swim lessons. Darby broke her glasses. I was supposed to run our completed Dossier and associated copies to Lancaster (a two hour drive) but everyone was "on vacation." Drove to Mt. Airy, MD (hour+ drive) to have dinner with our friends, HEATH AND ERIN who are leaving for China TOMORROW! Started having "tire pressure issues" on this "trip."
Just assume that every day I had to run Tate to Cub Scout Camp, Naomi to Swim lessons, and that Darby couldn't see for the rest of the week since her glasses were broken, okay? Ran to Lancaster (the aforementioned 2 hour drive), but my friend, Beth, accompanied me, so it wasn't so painful.
WEDNESDAY: (This is where the fun really kicks in...hint...YES. That is sarcasm)
Drove Tate and his buddy to Cub Scout Camp (They had to be there by 9. It was 45 minutes away. I drove 1 1/2 hrs by 9:30) Took Naomi to swim lessons where I wrestled Darby for an hour. Upon finishing, I found out that I had a flat tire! Yes. A flat tire. Fortunately, my friends were there, and Andy threw my spare tire on despite my car not having the appropriate tools to CHANGE a flat tire! Drove to our trusty Mennonite garage where they plugged the hole for eleven bucks. Had some girls over for ZUMBA and then our Young Life Alumni over for bible study.
THURSDAY: (at this point in the week, the temperature is 100 degrees outside, mind you)
Tate-camp. Naomi-swim lessons. Darby-wrestling a very cranky Darby (remember, she can't see...and it's a HUNDRED degrees outside). Then we went out to Chick-fil-A with some friends. Lunch was great, but "The Screamer" in the playground had us running out of there with our ears plugged. Ran 7 miles on the treadmill. Sewed a bit with some friends for THIS project from "The Farmer's Wife"!

See our masterpieces?! :)

My partners in "crime,"
and our young friend, Hannah
(who is in 8th grade and is a better seamstress than I am!)

Camp. Swim Lessons. I ran Darby up to pick up her new glasses! woohoo! While I was up there, I picked up a lot of the necessary supplies for a pretty big project that I'm super pumped about and will post on soon! Went to pick some popsicles up for all the Cub Scouts (you know, since it's 100+ degrees outside today). On the way, I looked back at Darby, and found THIS:

Yes. These are her new glasses.

No. They are not supposed to look like this.

And...I feel like I have arrived...back at Monday.

Cue, rope.

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