Friday, July 01, 2011

The NATE Chronicles-The Finale

After going to bed last night at 8:30, I woke ready for anything...

Nate slept in 'til 7...AGAIN!

But, he spent most of the morning doing this:

(That's my leg he's clinging to)

Darby even joined in with her own little fake tantrum!

After alternating holding Nate and Darby for awhile, I resolved to stick Nate in the backpack, and boy am I glad I thought to do THAT!

If he hadn't pulled my hair out, I probably would have!

And then Kristin came to save the day! ...AGAIN!
Believe it or not, she is also dog sitting, horse sitting and working probably 30 hours this week!
She probably has more superwoman in her pinky finger than I will EVER HAVE...PERIOD!

The kicker?

I think I'll start calling her the BABY WHISPERER!

This was the highlight of Nate's week-His reunion with Daddy!

Nate, it was super fun having you join our family for the week!

Don't be a stranger now, ya hear?!

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Anonymous said...

That's my boy!!! Thank you so much Dallas and Kelly!!! Man, I missed that little booger :) -Andy