Thursday, July 28, 2011

MISSION PINK~On the Windows!

We're goin' GIRLIE here!

(not WANTS, but NEEDS!)

I can't wait to reveal this room to you when it's finished!
But for now, I will give you some details about the window treatments! :)

I started with some plain white curtain panels I purchased at Target (my homeland).
...and speaking of "my homeland," my "home" Target has a STARBUCKS inside!
(my two favorite things wrapped into one beautiful package!)

Oh! Right! Windows!
So, I bought the white, cotton panels, the cute green on pink polka dot grosgrain ribbon, and these fun pom-pon tassles! Why white? Because it brightens up any room, and because we have some GREAT paint detailing going on in this room! So, it'll just make the whole thing look very custom!

First, I ironed the curtains out. Then, I sewed the edging onto the very edge of the curtain panel. I eyeballed it, and the beauty of this detailing is that you totally do not have to worry about sewing a straight line! I did go back over the ends so they won't fray upon washing!

Next, I pinned the ribbon where it belongs using a seam in the curtains to make sure I had straight lines.

Next, I sewed VERY close to the edge of the ribbon, making sure I didn't sew through those cute polka dots! (That would have been scandalous!)
(Actually, I'm not that good. I probably sewed through a couple) !)
The important part is to make sure you stay on the ribbon!

Here's a little peek at the finished panels! I'll show you what they look like installed later, but I'm so happy with how they turned out!!!

This is totally a project any beginner can accomplish easily!
It's "SEW" easy!

(I couldn't help myself)

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Holly said...

You should have sewing lessons at your house. Maybe we could swap - photo lessons for sewing lessons???? My friend tried to teach me, but I'm kind of a remdial sewer! Very nice curtains!