Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Lost glasses


We lost Darby's glasses...last week.

At her last eye doctor appointment, the doctor told me that she's probably legally blind without glasses. That means, that she wouldn't be able to read the big "E" at the top of the vision chart without glasses. And, yes. You read that correctly, she's been without glasses for almost a week now. That might explain her irritability as of late.

Fortunately, we had already ordered a new pair.

Unfortunately, the glasses place had to order a new piece of equipment to cut the lenses.

I have to say, having little ones in glasses is not for the faint of heart. It's sort of a constant battle. And, by that I mean, "WHERE ARE DARBY'S GLASSES?! oh. there they are" kind of battle. You sort of have to be constantly on the lookout because you never know when she's decided she's "so over wearing these today." We make trip after trip to the eyeglasses place to make sure they fit perfectly. We often break them. We more than often, reorder new glasses with a new prescription. So much so that the guy who works on glasses and I are actually, and very literally, on a first name basis. (His name is Mark, for those of you who don't believe me.)

Mark bends over backwards for my girls. The man's a glasses making genius! Today, I called to see if our new glasses were ready yet. I got the strong arm from the girls on the phone, but when I asked to talk to Mark, they quickly obliged. Mark got on the phone, and I told him the scenario. He told me he'd make a quick pair to hold her over until they get the new part later this week. "They won't be pretty," he informed. To which I replied, "NO PROB! She just can't see her little world, and she's been very irritated." Now, this could totally be because we have two littles who wear glasses and pretty much keep the place in business, or it could be because we finally found one business who is so customer service oriented and who actually CARES about VISION instead of the bottom dollar, but I am ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER!

Dallas is constantly heard saying things like, "Why don't we just go to a place in town?" and, "We can find cheaper glasses." Yes, dear, we can...but Mark is the best! And, their service is the best. So, wish me luck, and pray for Mark-so he doesn't break the frames when he works his magic! !)

And, if you're wondering where, exactly, we go: FUTURE VISION-Chambersburg, PA

Here's to good vision!

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