Friday, July 15, 2011

Things I love about TEXAS!

First of all...this list could go ON and ON! I'll try my hardest to keep it short!

1) Texas A&M-WHOOP!
2) All my Aggies-WHOOP!
3) FREEBIRDS (The Original "Chipotle")
3.5) Texas Pride
4) The Texas sky
5) Bluebell ice cream
6) Taco Cabana and the associated fresh tortillas

7) Tubin' down the Guadalupe
8) Two steppin'
9) Shiner Bock
10) Texas Pride (yep! They even have the Great State of Texas "embossed" into their overpasses-just in case you forgot where you were!)

11) Bedazzled anything (namely, belts)

12) Cowboy boots and all things associated with them!
13) James Avery Jewelry
14) Texas Pride
15) that..."Everything's bigger in TEXAS!"


Erin Runkles said...

Well, I've only spent a day in Texas, but I kind of wish I was from there. Can't you just see me as a cow girl? =) Glad you had fun!

missy said...

what a cute post! about pool hair, here's what i know...get it wet BEFORE you get in the pool. afterwards i have her shower and do our daily routine shampoo, conditioner (i am currently using kinky curly) then a leave-in hairdress (again kinky curly). seems to be working pretty well. her hair is very crunchy when we are showering after the pool, but after i get all that chlorine out and condition it, it seems better. hope that helps!