Monday, September 12, 2011

What's in YOUR Purse-Episode 2

Some of Y'all might remember my post entitled "What's in YOUR purse?"
Since my purse was officially trashed again, I decided to revisit this post:

I realize you can't make out all the stuff in this picture.
Let me explain:
1-A James Avery catalog
2-My wallet and the little thing that holds my inhaler, eyedrops and chapstick
3-keys (so far, so good, right?)
4-Glasses case (still doin' alright!)
5-A pair of Tate's socks
6-A pair of Darby's shoes (I have no idea, people...WHY...I carry her shoes around in my purse)
7-My Bible (always be prepared)
8-Two bottles of hand sanitizer (we're comin' up on cold and FLU season, y'all!)
9-My full-sized perfume bottle sans lid (you can never smell too good). Okay, okay, so you CAN-remember those middle school days when the boys figured out we thought they smelled "SOOOO" good when we could smell them all the way down the hallway?
10-A tube of Aquaphor
11-sunscreen (remember, I have redheads!)
13-Two tubes of Cortizone (ointment and cream-I'm allergic to's soccer season...I have skin issues.)
15-A bib
16-A very large rubber band
17-Gorrilla glue (I don't know...)
18-An empty water bottle.
19-A one pill pack of Claritin
20-An orange bow
and drumroll, please...
21-A half chewn up spoon.

Do I remind you of

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Jessica Perberg said...

that must be one big purse!