Monday, September 12, 2011


Got this idea from a friend, who used her infant as one of the letters. I tried to get Darby to be the "Y," but she would have nothing of it! (She's almost 2, ya know!)

If this little girl wasn't so stinkin' cute, I would be a horrible mess right now!
I'm often found saying, "This girl will be the end of me."

She tests me.
She digs in the trash.
She takes her shoes and her glasses off constantly.
She tears her hairbows out.
She demands "nacks" all the time.
She demands (period) all the time.
She shrieks.
She collapses on the ground when you try to hold her hand, say, in the parking lot.
She loves to run upstairs and play in the sink with the water on full blast.
She wants it her way or no way.

But that smile and her huge personality make up for it!
...big time!