Friday, September 09, 2011

First Day! Twenty-Eleven!

First day of school Twenty-Eleven!

We have the Hills family veteran, Tate...the big brother and third grader!

We have our excited Kindergartener, Naomi!

Tate took great pride in preparing his little sister for her first bus ride!
(Probably because I failed to prepare HIM for HIS first bus ride when I sent him off to Kindergarten the first day, and because of nerves, he threw up on his bus partner)
We can stamp that mom failure with a momentous-"F"!

After explaining to Naomi a couple of times that the bus would take her to school, and Tate would walk her to her classroom, the bus pulled up. Naomi edged a little closer to my side, and I prayed, "Lord, God! Please don't let her puke on the bus!"

But, it was a great first day! Naomi came through with flying colors, thanks to her caring big brother, Tate!

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