Thursday, September 29, 2011


The American Dream.
We've all heard of it. Many of us might have chased after it.
Still, some of us may have actually achieved it.
I mean, as for us, we HAVE the house.
We HAVE the 2.5 kids (although Darby is NOT to be underestimated!)
Dallas HAS the great job that affords me the opportunity to stay at home with said 2.5 kids!
But, for me...
MY...American the beach house.

Okay, so this is more of a "BAY house," but I don't care. LOOK AT IT!
LOOK at the VIEW!
Can you IMAGINE the family gatherings you could HAVE THERE?!
THIS house is a place where our children, once grown, would ACHE to come back to!

But, what I want to follow God with RECKLESS ABANDON!
RECKLESS?!... (hmm...)
...ABANDON? (Ouch. What do I need to abandon?)
Can you do that and still cling tightly to your own dreams?

Are HIS ways HIGHER than MY WAYS?
My answer?

So, I may never have my dream beach house. I may never live internationally again. I may have children who SHARE...A...ROOM (gasp!)! But, GOD'S BETTER...than MY DREAM for MYSELF!!!
"We are not trying to please men but God, who tests our hearts." 1 Thess 2: 4

I read this crazy blog today:
"...if you're clinging too tightly to your things, to your plans, to your comfort and convenience, to your idea of what your family should look like -- God cannot move in your life."

After reading this, I had this picture of me, holding this magnificent beach house (you know, a tiny version of it that would fit in my hands), along with the beach, in my hands. The sand was slipping through my fingers like an hourglass, and I had to let the beach house go.

I do NOT want to cling to THING, no PLANS, no COMFORT, no CONVENIENCE, no DREAM, if that means I don't get to receive what GOD has for me!

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Saimi said...

Amen to that sista!