Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How's YOUR day going?

Woke up this morning and ran some sprints on the treadmill:
1-I hate sprints.
2-I hate treadmills.

Got the kids off to school, made a cup to tea...

...Turned around, and found this:

Let me explain... This little redhead...LOVES...shoes.
...and spices.

I don't know...roll with it.

Turned around, and found this:

I have no idea how that cup did not break from the fall.
Must be the engineering in my Pottery Barn rug.
...I love that rug.

Last, but not least, I found this:
That's my new toothbrush she's holding.

And, after removing her from the sink, I found this:

Yes. That IS spraypaint.
Thank You, Jesus! THANK YOU for making childproof spraypaint lids available to man!

I just love that little redhead!


Katrina Long said...

I LOVE This! Darby is so cute :)

Saimi said...

I'm jealous, my morning is boring compared to yours!

She is a cutie!

ckeddrell said...

Darby is SOOOO great!!!!! Mitch fell in love with her and wanted her to come home with us (where she would REALLY have fun!!!! Scary thought). What can I say - we were/are all a little crazy - especially the redheads!!!!

the welches / הוולציס said...

If she didn't already have red hair, you would have to dye it to match her personality. She's a spirited and determined ball of cuteness! We miss her. Will has been on a Tate kick lately. Everything interesting he finds, he asks if he can mail it to Tate.