Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still Waiting...DTE? Bueller? Bueller?

We are still waiting for our "Dossier To Ethiopia" date (DTE).
Our agency sent it out mid September and told us it could take up to a month to get our DTE date. It is in the process of being translated into Amharic and then registered in Ethiopia. After that, we'll get our DTE date and officially be waiting.

We are getting a lot of questions about when we're bringing them home.
Answer? I don't know.
We were given a 12-18+ month wait for a referral at the beginning of the summer.
Our updated Service Contract with our agency says a 12 month wait for a referral.
However, we have also been told that it could be much sooner and that wait estimate is just estimate. Our agency has no idea when newly orphaned sibling groups in our age range will be made available for adoption. Only God knows.

What comes AFTER the referral? We will THEN wait for our court date in Ethiopia (note: the courts in Ethiopia shut down for around two months during the rainy season, which is September and October). We will have to travel to Ethiopia for our court date where we will meet our children! Then, we will leave them there and return home until our Embassy date, which could be two months or so. At this point, Dallas and I will both fly BACK to Ethiopia, pick up our newest family members, their passports, Birth Certificates etc and bring them HOME! They will officially be American citizens when they step foot on American soil!

So, we have a lot more waiting and praying to do, and we're thankful for those of you who are praying with us for:
Our children's hearts to be prepared for their new family.
Their little hearts as they have already lost so much.
That God would protect them, provide for them, and that they would feel His love in the absence of any parental love.
That they would attach and bond quickly with us when they come home!
Their health!
Their family members (if any of them are living) who are grieving their loss.
That God would give them their daily bread today.

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