Thursday, April 28, 2011

Runner Girl

So I'm running my first half marathon since 2008. Let me explain.

2009-prego with Darby all year...basically.

2010-began running again in January after I had healed from my C-section. I ran our town's 4th of July 5K in 28 minutes (I was happy with my time...AND...I'm determined to beat it this year). And then I broke my ankle and my foot. 8 weeks on crutches with three kids (Darby wasn't even walking at the time) ISN'T FUN, friends! Thank God for my friend, Kristin, who held us over for two weeks until Grandma Hills could make it up and stay for-A MONTH! Woohoo! In all seriousness, we would NOT HAVE MADE IT without those two lovely ladies. And, Dallas's mom has such a servant's heart and is SO good with the kiddos, it was truly a blessing having her here! OH! Back to running...So, I was finally cleared to give the "boot" THE BOOT, and RUN! Seriously? I was just told to bear absolutely NO weight on this foot at all- only crutches and a cast-to, "YEAH! Go ahead and run on it! You're healed! VOILA!" Well, running didn't exactly work for quite some time! And, so I signed up for a half marathon with my besties, Elizabeth and Stewart, in May. I finally feel my ankle is getting stronger again. And, hey! It's not swelling and bruising after I run anymore! So, we're on our way! Only, I haven't been able to commit to this training schedule with my family and Young Life schedule, so I'm basically hosed. I was supposed to run 9 or 10 miles tonight. Instead, I baked LEMON POPPYSEED SCONES and then went to pick up a friend from college. So, I guess it's another two run week. Twelve miles Saturday, and the race is NEXT WEEKEND!

My last half marathon time? 2hrs 8 minutes.

This half marathon goal? a) hoping just to finish b) hoping that IF-I mean, WHEN-I finish, I do it in less than two and a half hours.

So, Elizabeth calls me and tells me she's signing her children up for the 1 mile kids run. I think they call that a "FUN RUN." So, we're signing Tate and Naomi up for it, too. I'm actually fairly certain Darby could finish, but I don't think she'd stick to the course, so we'll just let her run circles around usual. !)

Getting to the point of this post:We've been making our kids know, to train! So, I told Naomi to go up and change into running clothes, and what she came up with:

(I love how she posed like she was ready to kick butt!)

For the record: I did make her put running shoes on.

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