Wednesday, April 06, 2011

ONE DAY 2011

Hey Friends! It's the day after TOMS SHOES presented "ONE DAY 2011," and I have had the chance to ponder what shoes, or lack therof, mean to me.

Yesterday, I woke up, remembered that I was planning to go shoe-less to remember and to make others aware of the scores of people worldwide that go without shoes-DAILY! I jumped outta bed, got the kids ready, dropped my son off at school and then headed for my Naomi's preschool to drop her This is where my day got, well, COLD. It was about 45 degrees here and RAINING ALL DAY. So, I parked as close to her preschool as possible and tiptoed into school (they still haven't swept the PA roads of all the gravel they freely plaster snow-covered roads with in the wintertime). When we arrived, I realized this-IT'S FIELD TRIP DAY TO THE POST OFFICE, AND I AM A CHAPERONE! I had a multitude of questions and "looks" when I got to school with the general consensus that I was "making a statement." Yes, dear friends. You're right. While we sit in America with shoes A-PLENTY, there are people in Ethiopia whose feet are withering away because they have NONE.

On to the second part of my ONE DAY without shoes. I'm currently training for a half marathon in May (this will be my second), so I had to run 6 miles yesterday. Well, after dealing with the gravel in the parking lot, I quickly realized it was going to be nearly impossible to do my run outside, so I hit my treadmill-BAREFOOT. Six miles of treading barefoot on a treadmill is nothing short of painful. I was sure I'd have blisters today. Later on, in the shower, I washed my feet and realized I had about 6 miles of BLACK tread covering them. Ew.

My day without shoes ended how every Tuesday night does. I had 100 high school kids in my basement for Young Life club. Later on that night, say, around 11pm, my feet finally warmed up to a temperature I could finally fall asleep to, and I drifted off.

So, today, I jumped outta bed and put my sparkly white TOMS on, thankful that when I bought them, TOMS sent out a pair of shoes to a little one somewhere in the world who had none...maybe even to our own children over in Ethiopia! ONE DAY!

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