Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life Is GOOD!

Grammy bought Darby the cutest little "Life is Good" romper. So supercute, and it was warm enough (barely) for her to wear it the other day. The front looks like this. Darby was hamming it up during our little photo shoot here. See? Cute, huh! It says, "Buttercup"!

And, check the back out! In case you can't really see that, it says, "Life is Good"! So, it's supercute, as you can see. But, later in the day, as I was changing a 'Tinky Poo, I wondered, "Was this some sick joke?" Who would put "Life is Good" on the bottom?! Whoever designed this obviously is not in the diaper changing stage of life! Because when you're in the middle of changing a 'Tinky Poo, Life isn't so good! But, when you consider that they wrote "Life IS Good," and not "Life SMELLS Good," I can understand where they're coming from.

And, really, with our fiesty little redhead, Life IS good!

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