Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kelly's Teacup!

Hi, Friends! Most of you know I was up in New York City a couple weekends ago to see my deary, Leann, who took me to the most delicious experience of my life! So many things stood out to me on this day, but I could have eaten their pumpkin scones ALL DAY LONG! I left there with UNbuyers remorse because I didn't get their cookbook! So, sweet Leann brought me a copy home on Easter Break! YAY! So, since I live in this little town, I had to go to three different stores to get all the necessary ingredients to make them. I know, convenient, right? !)

Here's more info on Alice's Teacup New York City, in case you ever decide to swing by:

So, I went to work making my scones...Here they are before baking!

And, while I was up to my elbows in doughy delight...Darby was also hard at work...
Glad I caught her before she began helping me clean the toilet...again. Or, before she threw and entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet...again.

Yep. She was also pulling trash out of the trashcan.

That white stuff on the floor? Cottonballs.

And, despite the, um, "setbacks," They turned out!

So, here I sit with my tea and my scone, happy as can be!

And, I know some of y'all are sick to death of the Royal Wedding stuff, but I'm a sucker for a Cinderella story. So tomorrow morning, I will be up at the crack BEFORE dawn with my tea and scones to watch the couple tie the knot! On second thoughts...maybe I shoulda made crumpets.

Now, excuse me while I go clean up the cottonballs...

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Anonymous said...

The scones are awesome looking and taste great!