Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mom of the Year-2011

Ever have those "Mom of the Year" moments? Yeah...had one of those last night. Tate came down around 11:30pm with an earache. I cleaned his ears, gave him allergy medicine, some warm tea, water, and Tylenol. After I pumped him full of anything I could get my hands on, I looked at the Tylenol bottle: EXP 9/2009. Wonderful. So, I took Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 in college! No biggie, right? I just figured the half life of the meds in the Tylenol probably made the chemicals inactive at this point ( The Tylenol would be simple syrup). So, I began digging through my medicine basket again. SCORE! MOTRIN! Even better. This time, I looked at the expiration date first: EXP 4/2010. Well, that's getting better, right? And, since I used the expertise I gained at Texas A&M, I knew that I could give him MORE since I deemed the Tylenol null-and-void. So, I gave him maybe 1/2 of his dose in expired Motrin. (Atleast I'm making HIM feel better now that I've essentially given him a placebo, right?)

The problem is that I switched my major to Psychology after a couple years in Science, and so I know that giving someone expired meds is against the law and is considered drug abuse. So, now I'm torn. What's a mom to do in the middle of the night with nothing but expired meds?!

So, since my car's at the shop, I was thinking I'd keep Tate home from school today and take him to the doctor when my car gets back, but he woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed...ready for school! So, I sent him off to school! I think the moral to the story is this: Expired meds fix ANYTHING! haha! We'll see. I'm still going to try to get him in to the doctor since it's Easter weekend and I still think he might have an ear infection. Oh! And, I might go swing by CVS to get some fresh meds while I'm at it!

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