Thursday, August 04, 2011


To explain, I broke in to my friends' house while they were in China bringing home their second Chinese beauty! Our sweet friends, The Runkles, followed God's call to bring home sister #2 from China very shortly after they brought home sister #1 from China! They have been busting their chops to afford this adoption, and God provided the rest of their funding the week before they left-not a minute late! I LOVE our God!! We were able to have dinner with our friends last Monday before they left, and Erin and I went up to the girls' room, where I realized that my next mission, should I choose to accept it, would be called:


So, while Heath and Erin were in China, and their two boys and sister #1 at Grandma and Grandpa's house, I collaborated with Heath's mom on how to get in (Heath's dad left me a key in a hidden location-just so you know that I did NOT, "break in," per se-and totally would NOT recommend doing this if I were you-but since I'm NOT you...). Day 1 of MISSION PINK!!! consisted of my friend, Kristin, and I painting the base of the entire room. When we arrived, it was 85 degrees inside, and I'm pretty sure it never got below that despite our best efforts (which will explain our sweaty appearances). I seriously could NOT have finished this project without the two ladies who helped me. You'll meet the other lady later. The room looked like this:
Yes, that is a DARK, navy blue on the wall with the window.
Yes, we did have to prime the stuffin' outta that wall-and out of the top of the rest of the gray walls! PHEW! About four hours into that, and after having heard the same songs on the radio a good two to four times, Kristin and I were...a little...loopy?

Gray is no color for a girls' room. Scratch that. Gray is no color for a girls' room unless it is just DOUSED in PINK!!! But, since this room was NOT...

Remember, I said we got a little loopy? Yeah...

This was early in the day. We were still smiling. I seriously could NOT have finished this project without Kristin! Thanks SO MUCH, lady!!!

The next day, I went back alone, and painted the hot pink horizontal stripe.

NOW we're TALKIN'!!!

The next night, I went back out, and my sweet, and CRAZY fun friend, Katrina, met me there to paint the vertical stripes! Again, I could NOT have finished that project without her help! AND, I just LOVE this girl! She has such a heart for Jesus, and when she heard she what this project was all about...she was TOTALLY...IN!!! We had so much fun that night, and when we left, the room was SO CLOSE to completion!

I'm so blessed to have Katrina! She is one of my best friends, and I'm so thankful that she came out to help! Without her, it would have been a LOT less fun, and a LOT more scary! At one point, we heard one of those "things that go bump in the night," and we both grabbed the closest "weapon" we could the exact same time. My choice? A screwdriver. Her choice? A flimsy curtain rod. Bring it on, intruder! !) (ps-no intruder was found on the premises...and we totally pulled a full on FBI search!)

I bought these cute little initials at Hobby Lobby and painted them. Then, I just took some of the same ribbon I sewed onto the curtains, tied a bow and hot glued them right on! I use sewing pins to hang them from the wall. Super easy, super cute...SUPER GIRLIE!!!

This is little Rayanna's side of the room!

Originally, I wanted to hang these from the ceiling, but that would have taken a spectacular amount of stringing (and possibly an engineer) to make them hang properly (ie. rightside up). I love Dallas's idea even better! I just stuck them straight on the wall (with sewing needles)! Dallas is so creative! I love that about him, and I was so happy he came to install the curtain rods that day! Did I mention that these butterflies were a buck nineteen each?!

My craft projects in action! For before and after, click HERE.

Here's a closeup of one of the window treatments. For the tutorial, click HERE.

Are you ready for the GRANDE FINALE?!! Here's the room in all its glory! (You'll have to excuse Tabitha's toddler bed. I believe her mattress is at grandma's house)

I feel very strongly that girls need certain things:
PINK-for starters! Girls just NEED PINK! RIBBON!!! Yep! Girls NEED BOWS, and you can't have BOWS without RIBBON!!! And, finally, POLKA DOTS! Why? Because they're FUN...and GIRLIE!!! This room has all three. My job here is done.


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Erin Runkles said...

YOU ARE AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you SO much!! And please send our thanks to Kristin, Katrina, and Dallas too!!

Love you guys.