Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Monogrammed Cups!

Hi Friends!

I made some of these cups about a year ago and just love them. Since you might, too, I decided to share the "How to!"

First, you can hit up my homeland, Target, and get some clear, acrylic cups! I like the square ones, but just go with your gut! If you like traditional stuff...go with the circular ones!

You'll also need to hit up a craft store for some ZIG brand paint pens. I've tried other brands, but the other brands do not seem to hold up in the dish washer.

After you get the paint going, you want to push the little applicator tip down to get a SMALL puddle of paint on the cup. After you get that paint coming, you will draw a small circle (or a big one-whatever size polka dots you'd like). The best way to then fill in your circle is to take your small puddle of paint and go in a very small, circular motion until the circle is opaque.

You'll need to let the polka dots dry completely before you monogram them.

Practice your lettering on a sheet of paper first. I just freehand my lettering.

Here's the cup I made a year ago. I just put an "H" on them. They've faded quite a bit, but they've held up pretty well!

Just think what cute wedding presents these would make!!!

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