Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Happy 8th Birthday, Tate!!

It's been fun so far!!!

Enjoy this year, Tate! It's the last time your name and age will rhyme for twenty years!!

We love you! You are such a good big brother and son! Your funny personality and fun-loving attitude make life exciting!!! We are so proud of who you are!


the welches / הוולציס said...

So, do 2 huge cinnamon rolls for breakfast guarantee that he won't treat himself to hot lunch at school? Or are all bets off because it is his birthday after all?

The Hills said...

haha! Tate's school begins on the 29th! :) He's used to eating those two breakfasts (the one at home and one he failed to tell us he was eating at school) and lunch...and dinner! Two huge cinnamon prob!