Friday, August 19, 2011

Shenandoah Crossing

We recently went on vacation with Grammy and Gramps for a 2 night stay in Virginia. They own a timeshare, and we got to do all sorts of fun things like fish and paddleboat and swim in the awesome pools and go on a horse-drawn carriage ride!

Here's the lake that Gramps took the kids fishing on!
Naomi had her new Barbie fishing pole, so she was pumped!

The grounds of this resort were gorgeous! The horses had acres and acres or land!

Darby spent some time 'a front porch sittin'.
Note that she did NOT choose the child sized seat to her immediate left.
Darby is a big girl.
She will rock if she wants to.

We also played on this great playground!

Here's a picture of Doc and Duke pulling us on our carriage ride. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of us on the ride. After about 5 minutes, Darby decided it was no longer fun. We spent the next 40 minutes trying to convince her that jumping overboard was NOT a good idea!

Other things I did not get pictures of:
Gramps taking the kids fishing in the fishing boat
Grammy and I taking Darby paddleboating
(I'm still in the "honeymoon" phase with my camera...and water makes me nervous)

We met this turkey named Jacob. He was a sweet 'ole thing!
He made me hungry for a 6" Turkey sandwich on wheat from Subway.

We also saw this gorgeous peacock!
I forgot his name.
I have a few names we could call him, but we won't go there.
But he's still gorgeous!

...but he's mean.
We found out he had been doing THIS to little 'ole Jacob!
What a pain in the butt!

After I found out that the peacock was actually an ATTACK peacock, it made me regret my decision to allow the kids to do this. I had a flashback to the time Naomi was bitten by an ostrich, and I climbed into the fetal position, but I'm okay...and so are they.
And so was the peacock, but no one cares.

And, speaking of Turkeys...did this make you think that Virginia Tech's mascot is a little less fearsome than you did before? Maybe they should choose a new the peacocks!
Oh, who cares about Tech anyway. Everyone knows there's only one REAL school in Virginia anyway...University of Virginia!
(disclaimer-I had to put that in there for my little brother. Go HOOS!)
I diverge.
One day, Jake is going to man up and that peacock will regret having pulled all Jacob's butt feathers out!

Gramps helped Darby pet her first horsey!
She loves horseys now.
She points all of them out.
I hope she doesn't decide to become a horseback rider!
I am allergic to hay.
...and horses.
...and grass.
In fact, just thinking about it is making me sneeze.
I need to go get some Sudafed now.

Then we went golfing.
Darby started out, thumb in mouth, putter in hand.

It was hard.
She decided to take matter into her own hands.
Darby ditched her putter for the "new" approach of putting the ball in the hole herself.

Golf can be frustrating.

Very, very frustrating.

But Grammys, they make everything better.

So Darby learned an important lesson on this trip.
You win some, you lose some, baby!

Thanks for a fun getaway, Gramps and Grammy!
We love you!

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