Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Out of the "Office"

Hi, Friends!
I will be "Out of the Office" for a couple of days!
This will affect you in two ways:

1) Wednesday's Word will be postponed until either later this week or until next Wednesday. I'm excited for my next "series" that I'm going to call "Jesus is Controversial." I hope you check back! I'm excited to see where this takes us!!!

2) MISSION PINK!!! will be posted later this week. I totally miscalculated! I'm so sorry! And, I'm totally impressed with my self control in NOT posting it and trying to keep it a secret!!!
(you should be, too!)

Dallas, three of our friends and I are doing THIS on Saturday!
Crazy? I think so.
Am I excited?! YES!!! (actually, I'm totally having mixed feelings on this one)
Should I have trained (at all) for this?! I'm pretty sure people that do this, train for this.
Will we finish?! YES!
I'll give you ALL the details on Monday!
I'm sure this will make for a ridiculous story.
(Why am I doing this?)



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Erica said...

I invited you. :) :) :) :) :) :)