Sunday, April 08, 2012

A Hills Family Easter Tradition

Did I ever mention that my husband is an outright GENIUS?!!!
Well, he IS!

It's Easter today, and while we spent the morning celebrating the risen One, opening Easter Baskets, hunting eggs and getting high on chocolate, my husband and I were hard at work trying to figure out how to rid ourselves of this candy as quickly as possible.

This is when Dallas' ingenuity kicked in.
Just before dinner, he suggested that we take all of our "Bunny Bigfoots" and make:

OH, dear me!
I was a legit "Soda Jerk" while Dallas was in Pilot Training.
I can make a MEAN shake.
A mean one, I tell ya.
A MEAN one.

This is now a Hills family tradition.
To make your own, or if you just want to be LIKE us...follow this recipe:

ONE chocolate Easter Bunny
I used "Breyer's Homemade Vanilla," but friends...if you have access to "BLUE BELL Homemade Vanilla" (from the heart of Texas)...oh. USE. IT. It will set your heart ablaze!
...and milk. (I used SKIM milk only because it's what we have, not to cut out on calories, because...let's face it...this is NOT a low-cal snack)

To begin, you will take ONE chocolate bunny, three scoops of ice cream, and maybe 1/2 cup of milk. Cram it all in.

Mourn the loss of your Chocolate Bunny, but know that HIS loss is YOUR gain.
It's sorta like Jesus going to the cross for our freedom (but not really...I just always can find a resurrection story in most scenarios. It's the Young Life in me...for real).

You know, come to think of it. Break that bad boy up before you hit "GO" on that mixer.

And shake it, girls! SHAKE IT! (You'll need to mix it with a spoon a couple times to break up 'DA BUNNY)

So, you'll want it to be "liquidy," but not TOO liquidy. Pourable, ya know? If it's too liquidy, add more ice cream! TOO thick? Add more MILK!

Pour it easily into a cup.

Add some whipped cream (and a cherry if you have one).
Smirk at that dang Spongebob cup.

...and ENJOY!

That's it, baby!
Oh, be still my heart!
Chocolate are my hero...second only to my RISEN LORD!
Now, excuse me while I go run five miles.

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