Saturday, March 03, 2012

Eilat, Israel~Day Two

I'm going to call Day 2 of our trip to Israel a "down day." I use that term as loosely as possible here, because our "down day" consisted of a four hour car ride from Tel Aviv, through Be'er Sheba, through the Negev Desert, south to Eilat, Israel, a trip to the aquarium, and a dolphin adventure.

Stuff you don't see everyday:
Caution! Camel Crossing!

The Negev Desert is beyond extraordinary! What expansive views! I was NOT expecting Israel's landscape to be so diverse!

Jet lag? What jet lag?! We felt really good beginning on day one of our trip, but in hindsight, I think we were able to keep the pace up because of the abundance of coffee we were able to consume!

At the aquarium, we were able to climb to the top of the observation tower, where we saw sweeping views of the shimmering Red Sea! On a clear day, you can see Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, and Egypt! I can hardly believe we were near the place that God parted that entire Sea so that His people could walk through on DRY LAND!

Sea life was everywhere!

If you're wondering if the Red Sea should be added to your "short list" of "Top Ten places I should dive in the world," yes. Yes, it should!

Dallas, Stewart, Lydia, Will and I pose for a quick shot with Eilat, Israel and Aqaba, Jordan in the background!

Next, we went to this unique take on a dolphin adventure! These dolphins are free to come and go as they please from this park, but they hang around because of the abundance of free food. Some would call them lazy. I call them smart.

We were able to walk out on these floating docks for an up close and personal encounter with these friendly dolphins! While we were there, one "show off" soared through the air, jumping three times in a row-higher and farther than Dallas and I have ever seen! Those dolphins at Sea World had NOTHING on this guy!

Later that night, we went out for coffee with Stewart so we could get a little taste of Eilat at night. The hand guesture I'm doing means different things in different circumstances, but it can mean anything from "just a second, please" to "hold your horses, buddy!" to "BEEP, YOU!"

Next stop on our Israel Adventure: JORDAN! We were able to see one of the Seven New Wonders of the World, which I am CERTAIN I will not do justice to either in picture or by commentary. Nevertheless, I will give it a try!


Sarah said...

Oh, gosh, Kelly, I am so insanely jealous. It looks so beautiful. Have an awesome rest of your trip!

Emily said...

What a joy to see you and Dallas in Israel!