Sunday, December 18, 2011

Naomi's Princess Tea Party-2011

Naomi is SIX!
I can hardly believe it!
'Round these parts, that means it's time for Naomi's annual Birthday Princess Tea Party!
We had so much fun decorating and baking together this year!
All the Princesses and handsome brothers came to celebrate Naomi with us!

I just love hitting the after Christmas sales and stocking up for next year's tea party!

This year, we added those cute little snowmen!!!
Isn't our Birthday girl just gorgeous?!

I can hardly believe it!
In ten short years, this little lady will be DRIVING!!!

OH! Be still my heart!

Daddy brought out the fun with his wintry games!

The kids had to put on as many layers of warmth as they could when the music was playing.

As most "Young Life style" games go, we got a little outta control.

...and we momentarily lost the Birthday Girl.

True to form, every party needs a "pooper." Ours apparently needed three. (wink, wink) Sweet little Ellie declared, "I don't want to play this game." Hey. The girl knows what she wants. She came for a Princess Tea, and last she checked, PRINCESSES do NOT roll around the ground in snow gear!

We played "Pin the stuff on the Snowman."

We had fun making Christmas ornaments for the kids to take home!

While we were busy making ornaments, "The Little Redhead" was busy sneaking candy.

Then we all settled in for tea! 'Til next year, Princesses and Manly Men! Thank you for coming to celebrate Naomi with us!!!

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