Thursday, September 24, 2009

Animal Kingdom-Disney World

Our growing family with "Expedition Everest" in the background! Dallas tried all day to get Tate to ride it with him, but in the end, Tate bailed. Good thing, because it scared Dallas!
Our family in front of the "Tree of Life."
Naomi and Tate stop to identify birds and fish!
We got down with the drums in "Africa." These kids have rhythm!

Tate and Naomi in front of the "Tree of Life."
Naomi cools off in "China."

Tate considering riding Expedition Everest with Daddy.
The famous African Safari ride! This was definitely a highlight! Check out the hippos!

Tate and Naomi brush some exotic sheep or goat.
Checking out the birds! Naomi was bit by some kind of bird and laughed it off. (Reminded me of the time she was bit by an ostrich, but that's a whole other story)
Naomi checks out the Kali River Rapids!
Seeing my family off on their whitewater adventure!
A dry family leaves the dock...

...a soaking wet family returns! (That must've felt nice after the hot day!)

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